Sonachi Inc


Estate Items
Show & Sale

9 a.m. to 5 p.m
Saturday, Oct. 3rd
Sunday,Oct. 4th

Red Rocks Room
Sheraton Denver West

360 Union Blvd.
Lakewood, Colo.

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Navajo weaving and jewelry as well as baskets and pots from many different tribes.

Special Guest

Ben Leroux

Southwestern Textile Restorations

All weavings and jewelry by Navajo and Hopi artists. Prices well below retail.

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Canyon De Chelly Navajo Country

"Every weaving has a story. We share that story with you."

Sonachi, Inc., markets Navajo weavings created by native people of that tribe, typically women. Our company sells textiles woven with traditional methods that stand as some of the finest artistic efforts of the modern Navajo weaver.

Ancient Methods: The wool fibers in the majority of our rugs are created with natural dyes -- colors created by using plants, berries, insects and even soils from the Four Corners area. Though all the rugs are made with ancient methods, they are often inspired by modern images, such as Escher's tessellations and scenes of contemporary life.

Education Programs: Sonachi offers classes on the history of weaving in the Southwest. Most of these classes are free of charge to those in the Denver, Colo., metropolitan area -- part of our goal to create a sustaining market for Navajo weavings by educating the public about the incredible beauty and artistic skill they represent.

Appraisals: Linda Gabitzsch Lancaster, a trained and nationally licensed appraiser, can create either detailed appraisals or a quick and dirty estimate of value. Her clients, including the Denver Art Museum, value her 40 years experience collecting and assessing Navajo weaving. If a damaged rug is worth repairing, she can either perform repairs and cleaning herself or provide a referral for more advanced reconstruction.

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