Sonachi Inc
Linda Gabitzsch Evans

About Sonachi

"Sonachi," is a word from the Tewa language of the Pueblo tribes and literally means "in the beginning." It is a blessing word said before weaving and refers to the creative spirit that enters women and gives them their creative spark.

Sonachi is an Evergreen, Colorado, business founded in 1996. Our owner, Linda Gabitzsch Lancaster, has spent her life adoring, collecting and learning about Navajo weaving.

As a youth, Lancaster played on a massive Ganado rug in her grandfather's study, and was always fascinated by it. After graduating from the University of Arizona and starting a family, she lived on the Navajo reservation where she had a tremendous opportunity to learn far more about the Navajo culture. Traveling the reservation and its many trading posts, she learned all she could about the entire process of creating a Navajo weaving from caring for the sheep to selecting a design. After pursuing this lifelong passion, she was selected to become a nationally certified appraiser and has held her certification for more than a decade.

Now Lancaster travels the Southwest learning about Navajo weavings, and is often called upon by the Denver Art Museum to evaluate and appraise their latest acquisitions. She is currently writing a book on the clan signs of the Navajo tribe, symbols weavers use to designate their family heritage. Lancaster also studies the creation and use of natural dyes.

At Sonachi, our goal is to create a long-lasting appreciation of and market for Navajo weavings and to then sell the weavings to the market we have created.

We carry traditional and modern styles of rugs that date from the early twentieth century to contemporary times. All the rugs must meet our stringent quality requirements and must be made using traditional methods by Navajo artists.