Sonachi Navajo Weavings


Estate Items
Show & Sale

9 a.m. to 5 p.m
Saturday, Oct. 3rd
Sunday,Oct. 4th

Red Rocks Room
Sheraton Denver West

360 Union Blvd.
Lakewood, Colo.

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Navajo weaving and jewelry as well as baskets and pots from many different tribes.

Special Guest

Ben Leroux

Southwestern Textile Restorations

All weavings and jewelry by Navajo and Hopi artists. Prices well below retail.

For information, call
303-570-2515 or email



Appraising Navaho rug


Informal verbal appraisals are available upon request at all Sonachi events.

Descriptive written appraisals, including those appropriate for insurers, are available for a fee, which is determined by the complexity of the appraisal. Appraisals are written by Linda Gabitzsch Lancaster, who is a trained and certified appraiser. A typical written appraisal includes confirmation the weaving is Navajo, the type of weaving and dyes, and the approximate age and location on the Navajo reservation where the piece was woven. In some cases, the weaver can even be identified. This information is used to determine the value of the piece and provide a permanent document of those characteristics.

To purchase a written appraisal, contact Linda Gabitzsch Lancaster at 303-570-2515 or via email at